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Mistrix Sade has been my favourite person in the entire universe to play with. Our chemistry, creativity, and alluring intelligence is certain to keep your attention captivated for eons. We have extensive experience creating the most intricate bespoke scenes, that will have you cherishing your experience for a lifetime. Combined, we are a force never before seen on this Earth.

We are happy to announce specialized experience packages.

Alien Abduction: Stunningly beautiful alien lifeforms abduct you aboard their sleek chrome UFO. As you open your eyes, you find yourself in a room that feels strangely familiar yet unsettling. You quickly learn you'll have no choice but to submit to the data collection that the enchanting extraterrestrials abducted you for. Strange chrome machines such as the Serious Kit attached to your flesh from head to toe, aspirating all the ionized plasma from your appendages.

2 hours: 1600

3 hours: 2200

Overnight: starting at 6000


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