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Fantasy Narco-Interrogation

~Stressing techniques employed in conjunction to Hypnosis included sensory deprivation before or after fantasy intoxicant administration, sustained conventional interrogation prior to narco-interrogation, deprivation of food, drink, sleep or bodily evacuation, sustained isolation prior to intoxicant administration, hot-cold switches in approach, duress "pitches", electroshock, waterboarding, verbal degradation and bodily discomfort, or dramatized threats to the subject's life or mental health.

Scopolamine was long used within the medical community, mostly as an amnesia inducing drug for childbirth. A constituent of Datura, scopolamine was known to produce sedation and drowsiness, confusion and disorientation, incoordination, and amnesia for events experienced during intoxication. Yet physicians noted that women in twilight sleep answered questions accurately and often volunteered exceedingly candid remarks. While incredibly efficient at enticing the truth out of people; the hallucinations, somnolence, blurred vision, tachycardia, and dry mouth all caused incredible distractions of the subject rendering the interrogations useless.

The hallucinatory and psychotomimetic drugs such as mescaline, cannabis ,and LSD-25 are sometimes mistakenly associated with narcoanalytic interrogation. These drugs distort the perception and interpretation of the sensory input to the central nervous system and affect vision, audition, smell, the sensation of the size of body parts and their position in space, etc.

LSD-25 and mescaline were to be studied for mind control purposes in order   "to perfect techniques . ..for the abstraction of information from individuals whether willing or not”, and in order to "develop means for the control of the activities and mental capacities of individuals whether willing or not."


Mistress Datura touts the utilization of latex inflatables/breath control as a way of creating drug-free psychedelic meditative experiences


When you’re in an inflatable latex body bag, you are suspended in a resonator that conducts, intensifies and modifies sensations across the body.

This in conjunction of breath control and sensory deprivation can result in psychedelic experiences.The mind is freed from all the sensory signals which normally distracts and prevents us experiencing the full power of our minds.


Sensory deprivation mixed with meditation helps reprogram your brain to be more efficient in learning, creativity, and lucid dreaming.

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