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*Contact only if you are certain you can truly serve Mistress Datura.
*All forms that are not properly filled out will be sent through the shredder.
*Do not abuse your contact privileges.


I am highly selective in who I session with. Just because you contacted me does not mean we are a good fit.

Those who are respectful, clear communicators, and generous will get far.

Tributes are great at grabbing my attention.

Hypno-programming, classical domination, companionship, consultations, modeling, etc are possible.

*A deposit of $200 is required to hold your appointment.
*Sessions are held at a private Safe-House located in a discrete Ridgewood, Brooklyn location.

* If you are requiring an Outcall, there will be an additional charge of $600.
*Advanced notice of at least 24 hours for meetings are required.


If you don't receive a response, you didn't do something right. Try again.

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