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Datura Inoxia has 8 years experience as a professional Dominatrix and Cybernetician. She is able to tear down all assumptions of how dominance can manifest, and is always seeking new ways to safely control her puppets.

She is a classically trained Dominatrix with a background in Medicine. She is able to blur the lines of fantasy and reality using scientifically proven techniques.

With a focus on MKULTRA TECHNIQUES, HEAVY RUBBER, MIND CONTROL, MEDICAL FETISH, ROLE PLAY, SENSORY DEPRIVATION, Mistress Datura is able to blur the lines of fantasy and reality.

What is MKULTRA/Cybernetics? Both subjects have been nearly life long sources of fascination and inspiration in my BDSM practice when done consensually.

MKULTRA was the CIA’s research program founded in the early 50's that primarily focused on psychedelics, mind control, and undetectable hypnosis. There is reported to be 149 subprojects, all centering around the science of control.

Cybernetics is the philosophy/science that inspired many of the scientists behind the program. It can be best defined as the study of control within a system; it can be machines or living structures.

MKULTRA focused on the highly unethical use of alternating sensory deprivation/sensory overload, bondage, brain implants, hypnosis, high doses of LSD/psychotropics, solitary confinement in order to find the most effective way to brainwash any human, willing or not.

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